A Special Veteran Plan Can Help You Pay for Senior Care

A special veteran plan known as Aid and Attendance, provides $2,000 or more towards the cost of assisted living or other types of senior care. The cost of senior care is higher than a typical veteran’s income, leaving most seniors unable to pay for care through their income alone.

Aid and Attendance Qualification

Veterans who served during wartime may qualify for the Aid and Attendance benefit. It is a “need based benefit,” meaning that qualified veterans who can’t afford care on their own can receive funds to pay for care. Veterans who are able to pay for care independently do not immediately qualify. To learn more, visit our blog post Veterans Aid Attendance

Our Commitment to Veterans

There are more than 9.3 million veterans over age 65, of which many don’t know about this benefit. Helping Hands In-Home Care is committed to ensuring you and your loved ones get access to the benefits you have earned through your brave and honorable service.
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Please note: VA discounts cannot be combined with other discounts!

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