”Mr. Baumann helped me a lot on how to learn to walk again after my stroke. He is physically strong and a good physical therapist. Thank you for your investment.”

Fritz S.

”Mr. Baumann helped my husband a lot when he was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. He was able to mobilize him and walk with him always taking care of him and going beyond what was required by the health insurance.”

Olga S.

”Their team was always ready to help us out and we as a couple were always satisfied with their excellent service.”

Antonia and Carl Z.

”Mikosch not only helped me with transportation services but once he also helped me with a leaking roof, he went beyond his duties and helped to stay dry.
Thank you so much!”

Martin V.

”I had to have an eye operation and Mikosch and his wife Wirley took care of me for two weeks until I could recover. They would organize my meals, clean my apartment, repaired some lamps and a leaking water faucet. Great couple and thank you for all the help.”

Maria Z.

”My wife was suffering from Alzheimer’s and recently had broken her arm, Mr. Baumann not only took care of that arm but he helped my wife to stay mobile and he even taught her to walk again. With gratitude.”

Michael S.

”My wife was suffering from terminal cancer and Mr. Baumann came to be at her side and regularly prayed for her. He not only helped her to overcome those difficult moments but he helped her to find peace. Thank you for that!”

Thomas H.

”I like to travel but not alone! Ms. Baumann knows how to organize a travel and the help she put at my side was comforting and fun. Thank you so much!!!”

H. Palmer

”I needed to travel with my whole family to Mexico, one whole week. Family Baumann organized a good help for my four horses and took very well care of them.”

Sam M.

”We had to travel suddenly to a family-emergency in Dakota. Family Baumann organized the care for our three dogs and the chicken at our home. Thank you for that!”

Jim K.

”We had to go to Sonora for a conference for about a week. Family Baumann organized to care of our four dogs. Mikosch fed them, gave them medication, he even watered my plants and turned the lights on and off respectively. Nobody realized that we were gone. Great job and thank you!”

John H.
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