Veterans Aid Attendance

Veterans Aid Attendance

Today I am going to talk about a unique benefit for veterans called Aid Attendance and how to use it to your benefit in order to pay for Home Care.

Veterans can receive financial help to pay for home care and it also includes the wife and even the surviving spouse of a veteran. Certain criteria have to be fulfilled in order to be eligible and to find out about that you simply can call us at our office at 951-289-9968.

This help can be seen as a reimbursement for the money you need to spend on home care.

We at Helping Hands In-Home Care work together with AVCC (American Veterans Care Connection), they are the specialists on Aid Attendance and help us find out if the veteran or the surviving spouse is eligible. AVCC can find that out in a simple telephone interview, and once they determine the eligibility, they get all the papers together in order for the veteran and or spouse to apply as soon as possible for the benefit.

We at Helping Hands In-Home Care work closely together with AVCC in order to put the papers with the help of the veteran and or the surviving spouse in order.

Once the paperwork is signed by all necessary parties AVCC submits that paperwork to the Department of Veterans Affairs (often called VeteransAdministration).

It is important to try to put that paperwork together in a timely manner because the submittal day is the day when benefits will be paid retroactively. With other words, if we submit the paperwork within three weeks or within four months could mean a loss of up to $ 6000.00 in benefits for home care. Therefore, it is important to work closely together as a team in order to submit that paperwork as soon as possible.

As the Department of Veterans Affairs takes some months to process all the paperwork it might take up to six months until benefits are paid out. In the meantime, the veteran, the surviving spouse or the loved ones could start paying for home care until the benefit kicks in.

Home care includes companionship, meal preparation, laundry, light housekeeping, grocery shopping, transportation, medication reminders, bathing assistance, hygiene help, grooming, mobility assistance, toileting and incontinence care.

We at Helping Hands In-Home Care provide all of the above and if you should have special needs we are happy to attend those too, you might, for example, have a pet that needs to be tendered to and we would be happy to do that for you too!

Our aim at Helping Hands In-Home Care is to serve you as a friend and we want to act as an extended hand of your family who might not be able to help you because of time and distance constraints.

At the beginning you might feel strange for somebody to come regularly to your home to help you, this is totally natural and understandable. Rest assured we want only your best and our caregivers, who are hand-picked, trained, experienced, and fingerprinted and screened, will soon become friends to you and you will enjoy their help and companionship.

With best wishes

U. Mikosch Baumann and Wirley Baumann, Managers at Helping Hands In-Home Care